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Storytelling Performances

My Story Performances vary from group to group. They are tailored to fit the theme, age, time frame, and place.  


The People, Their Stories

Gives examples through story how American Indian history, folktales and life stories remain strong among tribes and their families. A variety of stories will be told.  (Performance for all ages, stories change with each group.   


I will present Native American Trickster stories from a graphically illustrated book titled "Trickster". Several stories will be choosen to retell orally to the audience. Along with the stories, the audience will be informed on the Native American Tribes that each story comes from and where they are located.

Personal Crafted Stories

Over the years stories have made there way into my mind.  They have come to me as I travel, as I am getting ready for bed, while I have sat in silence and others have been created at the end of my story performances where I give an example of creating a story in five minutes. Many of those have been keepers.

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