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Storytelling was a way of life in my upbringing. I grew up in New Mexico and Arizona among the Pueblo tribes of the Laguna, Tewa & Hopi.  Activities with family and friends often included listening to Pueblo songs and sharing Pueblo stories and family history including the humorous and serious personal stories that life would bring. Reflecting back, I realized that listening to story stimulated and strengthen my imagination and creativity. Stories helped at an early age to develop my use of vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure while also teaching core values. The traditional songs gave me an appreciation of all music and songwriting.  As a professional storyteller and educator, I offer a variety of workshops, story performances, and historical presentations from Native American tribes.

I also create presentations to meet specific request. 


For example:

Bison, Bison

"Bison, Bison", gives insight into the history of the Bison in North America.

(Created for Bison Days at the Lubbock Lake Landmark Museum)

Creative Spirit

"Creative Spirit" focuses on imagination, listening, and story crafting using quick creative thinking to develop a story.

Nampeyo Her Legacy

Nampeyo is known in the art & history world for the revival of Hopi pottery and is Eldrena's great-grandmother.

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