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Bison, Bison

This program will give insight into the history of the Bison. Do they still exit? What is the difference between Bison and Buffalo. The participant will be able to experience hands on Bison items that I carry in a handmade Bison box. (I did not make the box)  Legends and folktales will be told from a variety of Native American tribes, books displayed and a power point presentation will be used.

45 to 60 minutes presentation

Nampeyo, Her Legacy

My great grandmother Nampeyo was a person that my grandmother Nellie Douma told me about when I was young. I love hearing her life stories that included her travels and what she accomplished for her people and family. When I had my first glimpse of books that bore her name, I was a student in college. I wondered why so many people were writing about her. That's when I learned the rest of her story!

Through her descendants many have carried on the art of pottery making but several have taken other artistic paths. I will share examples of small pottery pieces made by her descendants, stories that I have received to tell and historical accounts that I have researched.                                  60 minute presentation

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